The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma

Chapter – 02

The Mastery Manual

Part one of Chapter 2/36.

● What makes an elite performer? ●

We share the same struggles, same dreams of finding a greater meaning in life and have the same fears and insecurities.
When we underperform in any sphere of our life, we not only betray ourselves – we deny the people that we serve the opportunity to have a piece of our magnificence. Indeed, the world will be a lesser place each of us do not raise our standards and become the people we know in our hearts we are meant to become.

7 qualities of an elite performer.

1. Elite performers play victor versus victim. Blaming others is nothing more than excusing ourselves. Each of us has the power to create results. If something is not working in your enterprise, use your power to effect the changes that you wish to see.

2. Elite performers focus on the worthy. Most people try to be all things to all people and, in doing so, achieve nothing. The elite know their priorities. They are good at saying no. They spend their morning hours in strategically planning to put things as they wish to see.

3. Elite performers live their truth. They articulate their personal philosophy along with their organising principles and have the courage to live out that Ideology each and every day of their lives. This increases their confidence knowing that they are being true to themselves.

4. Elite performers build human connections. They show up fully in their relationships. They reward their loved ones with their love and loyalty.

5. Elite performers add outrageous value. They underpromise and overdeliver. They always think about serving customers/clients/people the best they can.

6. Elite performers are devoted to excellence. When you truly dedicate yourself – no, devote yourself – to becoming excellent in the way that you think and behave you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

7. Elite performers are driven from the inside. Dedicate yourself to getting to know who truly you are. Walk towards your fears. Evaluate the quality of your life.

The second part of this chapter “What makes an elite performer?” is about journaling. But first, let me explain what journaling is.
Journaling is the art of writing, doodling and drawing your emotions in a book. However, we can find thousands of Journaling apps online. Ex: DayOne.
I started journaling a few days ago and sometimes I feel I really don’t need to this but my journal is the place where I write down about what I want to be and create.
1. Journaling allows you to take fuzzy thinking and distil it into precise language. It brings clarity to your life. With greater clarity, you can make the new choices required to create new changes.
2. Journaling allows you a place to process through unfelt emotions. Unfelt emotions affect our daily choices, often at a subconscious level.
3. Journaling allows you to record your dreams. Dreams create hopefulness. It promotes positive energy which creates a richer experience of life.
4. Journaling allows you to deepen your understanding. You become wiser each day. You will be able to evaluate yourself in the long run.
5. Journaling deepens commitment. Try this today – Start journaling for 15 mins a day about what you want and what you want to create. This simple act will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive.

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