The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma

Chapter – 06 Small Acts of Greatness.

Small daily acts of Greatness.

A life of greatness is not reserved for the chosen few. There are no extra human beings on the planet and every single one of us, can choose to create a life of greatness and extraordinary meaning. If you show up fully each and everyday and play your best game during the waking hours of each one of your days, you will be guaranteed an extraordinary life. If you improve your health or your relationships or your professional life by 1% a day, after a month this will amount to a 30% increase. After an year, to a 365% increase. By devoting yourself to continous improvement and excellence in minor ways each day, your life can really transform. The Small Daily Acts of Greatness means that – to live our best lives we do not need to make a giant transformation. Instead, we need to only focus on getting a little bit better each day and every day (in every dimension of our life). If you don’t realise your highest potential, you will be betraying yourself. There can be no happiness of there’s a huge difference between the person you are and who you want to be. To reduce this difference, develop your intellectual base a little more. Be more loving. Be more innovative. And dream even 1% more. Your great days will lead you to your great life.
5 best practices to live your best life.
1. Get up at 5 am. Work on your self.
2. Surround yourself with people who are living the life you want to live.
3. Be the kindest person you know.
4. Read from the wisdom literature for at least 30 minutes everyday.
5. Run towards your fears and so what you are afraid to do.

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