What is Minimalism? (In 6 simple sentences)

1. Minimalism is making space for things you love. Not all the things you own add value to your life or make you happy. Why give space to something that doesn’t make any difference to your life? (Ofcourse, there are exceptions).

2. It’s not about throwing everything out and living in an empty room. It’s about having a connection with each and everything that surrounds you.

3. Minimalism is about liberation. Not deprivation. You start throwing everything out of your life that isn’t helping you in any means.

4. It’s all in your head. Minimalism begins in your head. You shop consciously. Spend consciously.

5. 1 simple rule for minimalism by MARIE KONDO – “If it doesn’t spark joy, let go of it.”

6. To be more precise, you own things that give you 100% satisfaction. You don’t own it just because it was on sale or you find it cute(awwww…). 😂

2 thoughts on “What is Minimalism? (In 6 simple sentences)

  1. Hey Vyshnavi,
    I am happy to found your Blog as I am too passionate about Minimalist living. Loved the way you summarized it here in simple way.

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