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Easy Ways To Increase Protein Intake For Vegetarians And Vegans.

After suffering from severe joint pains and hairfall for more than 3 years, I realised that all my body needed was PROOOOTEINNNN. I went to numerous doctors for my joint pains and used about 8 different oils to control hairfall but no proper cause or reason for my condition was given by the doctors. After reading numerous articles in fitness magazines and blogs, I found out that lack of protein could cause everything I was suffering from.

I slowly gathered information with the help of internet and my grandmother (She loves cooking healthy food!) and jotted down the list of foods that contain high amounts of protein that can be incorporated into our daily diet very easily.

If I don’t consume the required amount of protein even for a single day, my entire body goes crazy. It starts with body pains, hairfall, lethargy and if I still don’t give my body the protein it needs, I get fungal infection and boils on my face. These are the reasons why I take protein so seriously in my life 😂😂😂

According to the Harvard University, the daily protein intake of a person should be 0.8 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.
(Ex : I weigh 50 kgs – So, 40 gm protein is what I require everyday).

However, protein requirement of every human being changes with his/her lifestyle, fitness levels and body weight distribution.

People who want to gain muscle, need more protein than a person trying to maintain the same weight and body shape.

These are some of the best sources of protein which can also help you build muscles while being a vegan/vegetarian.

1. Black gram/Urad Dal – Roast these lentils until golden brown and consume everyday as a part of your meal.

How I consume black gram:
A. I powder the roasted lentils in a grinder and add Jaggery. It definitely resembles “Sunni laddu” (Famous south Indian sweet) and its a tasty way to get the protein in.

B. I add salt and piri piri mix to the roasted lentils and enjoy them like an evening snack.

2. Almonds – Eating 10-15 Almonds a day is an easy option to consume protein but it has its own side effects. It can cause kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water. I drink about 3 litres of water everyday, which is more than enough for my body weight and so, I can consume Almonds without getting worried about my kidneys.
(I soak them overnight and consume)

3. Soy Milk – Soya beans are very rich in protein. I personally love drinking Chocolate favoured Soy milk along with my breakfast. It’s not at all high in sugars and calories. Plus! It tastes Amaaaaziiinngggg 😍 It gives your body the required amount of protein for a day (the small sized tetra pack of Sofit).

4. Indian Dal – No matter what I eat for breakfast and lunch, my early dinner ( I have my dinner before 7pm) consists of Dal and Brown rice. As Indians, the easiest way to consume protein is eating dals, not-so-oily Vadas and Green Gram Dosas.

5. Tofu – You can easily make Tofu at home with soya milk. By now, you know that soya contains huge amounts of protein.

6. Chick pea (Chole) – Chickpeas are very high in protein. I love making Hummus at home. It lasts for not more than a week in my fridge. Hummus is entirely made from Chickpeas and gives me my dose of protein.
Ex: – Chole Chaat, Chole puri, Pani Puri with chole filling, Hummus, Chick Pea curry with hot sauce.

7. Rajma(Kidney beans) Chawal – This tops the list of favourite foods of Indians. It’s a very popular dish in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent. However, the trend is gradually creeping to different parts on the world. I love Rajma Chawal. Do you?

(There are a lot of other sources that are rich in protein like, Broccoli and Kale but I didn’t mention them because I’m yet to try them. However, I’ve heard a lot of people and the internet saying that Broccoli is also one of the best sources of protein.)

I’m very sensitive to protein. If I don’t consume protein properly for a single day, my entire body goes crazy. It starts with body pains, hairfall, lethargy and if I still don’t consume protein, I get fungal infection on my face. These are the reasons why I take protein so seriously in my life 😂😂😂

Other food items that contain protein but in very less quantities.

1. Sprouts (Green Gram)
2. Spinach
3. Rice
4. Pasta
5. Sweet Potatoes

*BONUS TIP* – Include protein majorly in your breakfast and lunch. Try not to consume protein after 7:30 p.m.

Let me know your views in the comments below.

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  1. very recently i have realized the importance of protein in one’s diet.
    Being a vegetarian my body always lacks protein. Started taking protein in different forms. This articles is of a great help.

    Also share the recipe of ‘Hummus’.

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