Ditch the conventional Dussehra. Do this instead.

Burn your inner Ravana this Dussehra!

Bored of the conventional festival celebrations?

If you are, then you’re at the right place.

Sometimes, we humans need to make time for self introspection and detox our mind. There’s an old saying, “What’s on the outside, affects the inside”. So, let’s begin with decluttering this Dussehra.
What is decluttering? It is the art of discarding things that don’t add any value to our lives anymore.
How to begin with it?
Stick to this quote by Marie Kondo (a professional declutterer from Japan), “If it doesn’t spark joy, let go of it”. We need to let go of things and people that do not make us happy. Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once. Start from the easiest section to the hardest.
Example : Begin with the washroom articles and end with the kitchen.
Donate the things that can be used/worn. Analyse the sections which took the most and least time to be decluttered. Roughly calculate the amount of money that could have been saved instead of splurging on meaningless things. Write down about the change that can be seen/felt internally and externally after decluttering. If unsure about throwing or giving away a particular thing, follow the 90 day rule given by ‘The Minimalists’ who have been blogging about minimalism and the art of decluttering for the past decade and bring the most famous minimalists from Dublin. They say, “If you haven’t used a particular thing in the last 90 days, chances are there you might never use it again, however if you’re unsure, keep it with you for another 90 days and if you still don’t end up using that particular thing, it’s time for you to part with it.”

Another aspect of decluttering is consistency. To be consistent with decluttering, the only solution is to buy less things. Lesser the things, the lesser you need to clean. A few pre-requisites to achieve this stage are :

1. Ability to stay away from fashion fads and latest trends.
2. Saying no to your inner “Awww!!! That’s so cute…let me buy it” mind.
3. Willpower to not get attracted to sales and discounts.

Advantages of decluttering:

1. Money saving
2. Mindful spending
3. Less things to clean
4. Lesser the stuff, lesser the stress.
5. Helps in making time for one’s own self.
6. More space to think and live.

Some of the classic minimalists in the world are – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Pattinson, Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi.

For the fashiontas, becoming minimal on clothes and make up is hard but there are thousands of minimalist fashion bloggers who help you develop capsule wardrobe and make up collection so that you don’t have to compromise on your interests and look like an 80 year old grandma while you’re just 18.

Get ready for a life changing transformation this Navratri. Let the process of decluttering itself be a festival this year. Ditch the regular Vijaydashami.

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