Minimal/ Beginners make – up routine

The No CONFUSION make up guide + kit for beginners.

I know it’s not easy to understand makeup. Makeup feels like rocket science to the ones who don’t it yet. But once you master it, you just MASTER IT!!! And Its not that hard. All you need is some patience and the makeup products (definitely 😂).

Okay before anything else, I have to confess something. I’ve seen my mom using makeup ever since I can remember and yet, I didnt know how to do even a basic makeup until last month (I’m 21 years old now by the way 😂)
But trust me, if a lazy idiot like me can do it, you can do it too girls!
And trust me, this time, you won’t fail this time and ofcourse I’m not gonna make it look like rocket science.

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Wash your face with a very very very very mild cleanser (I meant all the verys so please don’t go to harsh. Gently scrub your face too. I personally use besan powder(Senaga pindi)/ Sunni pindi/ Patanjali Ubtan to wash my face and this works also as a gentle exfoliator. Gently dry your face with a soft towel or a cotton tshirt.

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This is a very important step because, the chemicals in the foundation and powder could clog your pores and make you skin extremely oily or extremely dry.
Inorder to maintain that balance, it’s a must to use a moisturizer that isn’t very sticky.

I like to go with Boutique’s Morning Nectar Moisturizer. It’s very light and even suitable for oily skin. It’s not all greasy and smells like heaven.

Without proper moisture in the skin, there is a heavy change of the make up becoming cakey.

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And now that we’re done with prepping the face, let’s begin makeup!


A lot of people directly apply foundation which is not a bad idea, but if you want a flawless finish or if you want to hide any dark spots or acne marks, it’s best to use a concealer.
Yep I know. Choosing concealer isn’t easy at all, but for beginners it’s best to choose a stick/tube concealer which is creamy.

I’d pick NYX cosmetics and Wet and Wild cosmetics for a concealer because they aren’t expensive and perfect for a beginner.

Both brands come for under 500 bucks.

The beauty with stick or tube concealers is that, that you can use them as a contour too if needed.

Just make sure to purchase the concealer of closest shade to your skin tone. Take help of sales women in stores like Health and glow, Kathiarwar stores or malls where they have make up testing facility.

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4. Foundation.

For beginners, I wouldn’t suggest expensive foundations like at MAC COSMETICS or Revlon.

You could do well with Maybelline Fit Me or Lakme’s argan oil foundation line.

Both cost around 600 bucks and are of a pretty good quality.

NOTE: BB creams and CC creams aren’t foundations. They won’t provide coverage like the actual foundations would.

Dot the foundation all over your face and neck and quickly pat the foundation into your skin with your fingers. Yes, you DON’T need any fancy brushes or sponges like the Instagram makeup videos. Your fingers are the most easiest and hygienic means of layering foundation evenly.

Just make sure to be really quick to pat the cream in as it has a tendency of drying up due to air.

You can use a bit of moisturizer to spread the foundation if it has dried up too quickly.

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5. Powder/Compact

Once the foundation is properly in its place, you can either go for translucent powder like Whitetone face powder or a compact like Maybelline’s or Lakme’s.

They could range between 100-200 bucks and will help your foundation and concealer stay in its place and not melt due to humidity.

If you’re trying to go green, you could make your own powder with oats or bentonite powder.

Just softly press the puff lightly against the T Zone and the neck or the whole face if you want to. Incase you mess up, try to dust off the excess powder with a soft towel or a tshirt.

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6. Eye shadow – Optional

If you’re wishing for more than just everyday look, add some eye shadow to your eyes and you’re eyes will do all the talking.
The Maybelline and NYX eye shadows are amazing. They cost around 700 bucks but last for about 3 years.

Now, very subtly, using your ring finger, pick whatever shade you want from the palette and smudge it on your eyelid beggining from the centre to the corners. When you feel like it’s quite in place and doesn’t look over the top, you can move on to the next step. Or incase you messed up, you can use an earbud with a bit of moisturizer/concealer/foundation to cover that mistake. Just be sure of not making it look like a patch. Go Da Vinci for a moment and cover the mistake up neatly.

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7. Eye Liner / Kajal

If you’re hands shiver on hearing the word *Eye Liner*, don’t worry, all of us have to go through that phase inorder to become perfectionists.

One hack is to not use liquid liner. It’s best to use gel liner or a sketch liner.

My personal favourites are Maybelline Colossal Eye liner and Maybelline drama gel eye liner.
Both cost around 400-500 Rupees and last for a good quality of time. They don’t smudge. They won’t make you look like a ghost. They’re the easiest to work with. You could also go for Lakme Eyeconic or Lotus Coloring Kajal.

And it’s upto you to liner the water line. It all depends on your mood.
Sometimes I line my lashline. Sometimes just the water line. And sometimes both lashline and the waterline. It’s amazing how one product can dramatically change our look.
That’s the benefit of a liner I guess 😍😌

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I can’t stress enough on the eyebrows. With this whole trend of the thick eyebrows going on, it’s very important to groom our eyebrows. I usually like to take an eye shadow brush or a lipliner to fill in a black eye shadow from any MATTE eye shadow palette and draw over my natural brow hair. You could use a eyebrow pencil as well. But I personally like to keep my makeup kit very minimal, and so I try and work out multiple uses out of one product. Highlight the area over and under the brow with some white/Natural shade eyeshadow from the same MATTE eye shadow palette. If you’re feeling too fancy, you could also use foundation to give your eyebrows a clean look by putting it over and under the brow area.
It’s important to go from the beggining to the end of the brows and it vertical strokes, following the natural direction of your brows.

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8. MASCARA (Optional)

I personally am not a fan of mascara. But if you want a little bit of volume to your eye lashes, you could use it. I rather like to use eye lash curler or a warmed up spoon’s to curve my lashes. I like to keep it simple here personally.

Maybelline’s mascara’s are all really good. Costing between 250-500 rupees. Check for proper reviews before picking any product.

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9. Lips

I love love love love liquid lipsticks. Like the Maybelline’s SUPER STAY MATTE INK. It’s probably the best liquid lipstick because it stays for over 10 hours without drying the lips. Liquid lipsticks are the best things that ever happened to a woman in the world of makeup I guess.

You could go for any conventional lipstick that’s matte.

Most preferred colours are – Red, Fushcia, Mauve and Maroon. It’s best to decide the shade yourself
because nobody knows your skintone and texture like you do. But I can definitely say that, red and Maroon are the best for Indian skin tones.

And yep, that’s it. If you feel the necessity, use a bit of compact once again very subtly and your done.

And NOPE IM NOT PROMOTING MAYBELLINE LOL. It’s just that they’re very cost effecient and good quality makeup at the same time.

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Okay, alright then!

Go on and buy yourself some good makeup and upload your selfies.

Don’t lose heart if you didn’t get it right the first time. You’ll definitely get it right the second time.

Makeup is just an outer effect that we give ourselves to feel more confident.
It has nothing to do with beauty. Real beauty is skin deep and shows on your face with or without makeup. No make up can match the beauty of your personality or intellect. So, also work on the inner beauty as well 😌😊

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