March 13, 2019

Written by Rihana Shaik
We always see stars in the sky bright, shining and beautiful. We always see stars in the sky bright, shining and beautiful. We have those stars on the land but people don’t recognize them. Stars not only resemble beautiful but also give as inspiration to shine bright like them in our career.
Here I’m talking about a girl who had many dreams about her life. She was from a black family living in Compton United States, An economically depressed area; Compton is a rough, often violent neighbourhood. She and her sisters occasionally witnessed exchanges of gunfire. Right from her childhood, she had dreamt about becoming a tennis player. Her father supported her a lot, he envisioned his daughters as champions even before they were born. He bought books and instructional videotapes, teaching himself and his wife how to play tennis so they could then teach their daughters. she had to face many discriminations. When she goes to parks, and where she was from we would train in Compton, and she would go to these parks and there’s usually only white people that play tennis, you know? She had always been able to relate that she was black. she was different because of what she does. But she also had her family around and her sister was doing it too, and her other sisters were doing it. One day, when she was playing, and some kids came up behind her while she and her sister were practicing and they were calling her Blacky. She and her sister, they were like, ‘Blacky and Blacky.’ A lot of black people, unfortunately, especially growing up, are discouraged, like, ‘You don’t look good’ or ‘Your hair is not pretty’ or ‘Your skin’s too dark.’ her parents always supported her and always wanted her to be proud of who she is and who she was. She and her sister faced many challenges and discriminations, but she has always proved to this world that she can do it and she did it. This girl I’m talking about is the star of the tennis world, Serena Williams. Serena has made every woman proud and inspired everyone. Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams shin bright like the start in the sky in the tennis world’s history.

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