Oh Baby!

Never did I think that I’d actually write something after a movie, and to be precise, this is not a review of the movie and I will never write a review because I don’t consider myself as someone qualified enough to criticise a piece of beautiful art which involves the passion and hard-work of hundreds of people. I just feel like writing about this movie in particular because it is the first movie in a really long time that made me tear up in a good way. I’ve been fortunate enough to have both my maternal and paternal grandparents and I’m very much attached to them, especially my nanamma (paternal grandma). I’ve been seeing my paternal grandparents ageing really fast in the last 5 years. Every time I meet them, they look weaker and fragile and its very sad to see them like that. The movie oh baby opens with Rao Ramesh asking his students why they don’t like to take care of or be around old people and the students answer saying that its because of the way they smell, how they nag and their ‘Chaadastam’ (I don’t know whats the English word for it :P)

And thats how I feel sometimes about being around my ageing grandparents. They annoy (a lot) sometimes by saying things repetitively, forgeting what they just said, by being too superstitious and sometimes even scold me unecessarily – but seeing them age so fast, the thought of loosing even any one of my grandparents scares me and I didn’t know that until 2016 when my grandmother fell sick suddenly and BY just seeing her become so weak and getting bedridden, even though it was only for a couple of days, scared me a lot. Until then, I never knew how it is to see a grandparents health detoriate. That was the first time I cried for a grandparent (apart from those times when I didn’t want to leave my grandmother’s house when I was 3-5 years old)

In the movie, when baby’s (as nanamma) slipper is torn (the one that she’s been using for about 10 years now), she uses a safety pin and fixes it to wear it back rather than buying a new pair but on the same day she gives her grandson 5000 rupees to buy a guitar bag on “Amazing” (amazon :P) that he wanted.
Doesn’t it ring any bells in your head? Because I can totally relate to it. My nanamma and tata, specifically my nanamma, does the same thing. She saves every penny of her pension and gives me a major part of it every time I visit her. She totally has a choice on how she wants to spend her money, but still, she chooses to give me the money. Its so selfless of her to do that but sometimes it annoys me to see that she doesn’t spend anything on her at all.
and when me or my dad ask her why does she do this, she says “I’m so old now, I have lived my life and I don’t want anything but you are young and you will have your interests and I want to support you.” That’s exactly what baby says to her best-friend Chitti when he questions her about purchasing new footwear.

There have been so many situations where I was angry with my grandparents but thank god, I never yelled at them or spoke insensitively to them. Though I would get mad enough to scold them and I’m so gald that I didn’t. The scene where Baby’s grand-daughter yells at her in the hospital had me in tears.

The sequence where Baby is taunting and criticising her daughter-in-law is lowkey amusing in the beginning, but it speaks so much about family dimensions. This is the case in every household and I am 100% all the daughter in laws can relate to this. Those particular scenes conway a very strong message to the society. Though I can’t put my exact thoughts in the right words, I’ll give it a try. It tells us how mothers (in/of any age) love their children so unconditionally that they forget to see other’s feelings in the way. It speaks volumes about feeling possessive (in a good way) about your children even after they have their significant other.

This movie is entirely a game of perspective. When baby becomes Swati, she encounters Naga Shaurya’s mother (could be Swati’s prospective mother in law) and for a second she begins to think if she was nagging her daughter in law in the same way.
However, the daughter in law too realises towards the end of the movie that her mother in law (old baby) was just looking for the best for her son and grandchildren and didn’t have any intentions to dominate her in the household (when Rao Ramesh explains to his son about the ‘madness’ in every mother’s love that we often take it in the wrong way).

We see the aged’s perspective on the youth, youth’s perspective on the aged, perspectives of a son on a mother’s love who himself is very much fond of his mother, perspective of a young widow, perspective of a single woman and a mother on the society and vice-versa.

The movie also speaks volumes about honest friendship and unconditional love that Chanti has for Baby. Its something that we lack in our society i believe. It’s beautiful to see how he cares for his best friend even when he is ill. The cutest part of their friendship is how baby gets ‘Veru chenagakaayalu’ for chanti thinking that they are his favourite for about 60 years, when in reality, he’s allergic to them but still takes them from her like he actually loves them without complaining. Its just feels so pure to watch their friendship in the movie.

It’s subliminal to see how the grandson speaks about his grandmother to Swati when he misses her. Their relationship is like goals. The amount of confidence baby has in her grandson is just unbelievable. I guess, thats how all the grandmothers are. They always trust our capabilities more than we ourselves do. Sometimes that’s all it takes for a grandchild to fearlessly aim for his/her dreams. Baby got whatever she missed out in her life back as Swati – the love, health, beauty, age and even the capability to fulfill her long lost dreams but, when it comes to saving her grandson’s life, without batting her eyelids for the second time, she decides to sacrifice everything she had to save her grandchild. If that doesn’t move your heart, I dont know what will.
How is it possible of a person to be so selfless and sacrificing? Maybe that is how a mother’s heart is. I don’t know. Even on the Rao Nani’s part, he doesn’t rush baby to save his son’s life but instead reminds her of everything she lost in life because of the responsibilities she had to take up in a young age and how she shouldn’t give up this one big miraculous chance that god gave her and he asks her to think for herself for once.

Oh baby! is a heartfelt tribute to all the grandmothers, mothers, war widows, women, sons and the geriatric. It’s a movie which anybody can relate to and feel makes you feel grateful for having amazing grandmothers. I badly want to take both my grandmothers to watch this movie with me at the theatre but my nanamma won’t come. Both my grandmother’s know and understand how much I love Samantha 😛 and I am eagerly waiting for the movie to release on Netflix already so that she and I can watch it together at her place while she gets pomegranate pearls for me 😛

Also I still freak out when I see my grandpa’s artificial teeth set 😛 Today I freaked out the same way in the theatre when I saw Baby’s teeth set in her bag 😛

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  1. Dear vyshu, I am so glad and feeling happy that in a such small age you are really analysing the world well.

    You saw very right prospective in movie, which director wanted to project.

    Also, add something on the love and affection between Baby and her son in your blog.

    I could feel the love of baby towards Rao Ramesh, even at the age he was 50. For him he is a little boy.

    Even today my mother treats me and my brother the same when we visit her.

    It’s best movie and your review is awesome

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