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Why I wear Sarees!

It was a cousin’s sangeet, and I had no clothes to wear lol (it is every girls problem). So, naturally, I went shopping with my mom and guess what I bought a blue colored gown for Rs. 3,000 (in 2016). Ofcourse I looked bomb in it, got a lot of compliments on the say of the event, and quintessentially I posted hundreds of pictures on Instagram and Facebook. So, the world had seen that dress. But I wore the same dress to a college fest and guess what, the media guy took a picture of me and the next day I woke up only to see my picture in that blue gown on the front page of Hyderabad Chronicle. As much as I was happy, I was super sure now that this time for sure the entire world had seen this dress. And I swore to god that I’ll never wear the dress again because I thought, if I wear it one more time, the world will collapse and everyone will laugh at me for not having enough clothes to wear.
Rs 3000 = WASTED.

And thats it. My mom and I decided to never buy party wear stuff and these heavy gowns and lehengas as
1. they’re super expensive
2. I won’t like to repeat them more than twice because inside my head I’m Telangana’s queen Elizabeth.

but the problem is

Vyshnavi wants to look good.
Vyshnavi wants to wear new and different clothes for every event.
Vyshnavi won’t repeat her party wear clothes event because she thinks she is Telangana’s queen Elizabeth inside her head.
She doesn’t want to post pictures in the same dress again and again.
Vyshnavi is just too much.
Don’t be like Vyshnavi.

and then, my pea sized brain discovered this beautiful concept of “my god my mom has so many sarees”. And thats it. I started wearing my mom’s sarees to all my college fests and family functions since 2017 January. Life felt so complete. No repeating sarees because my mom has like 3 huge cupboards full of sarees and it will take me an eternity to wear them all.

So yeah, I got a plain black lace blouse, a golden (color only obviously) blouse, and a silver blouse stitched.
these 3 blouses saved my mom many thousands of rupees as every indian saree can go with either of those 3 colors.
Yep, people did give me weird looks as I was too young to wear sarees but I always got many compliments too!
and then I decided to never buy another part wear dress or a lehenga. I always wear my mom’s sarees and if I really want something trendy, me and my mom go shopping together, and decide together on a saree and we both would get blouses stitched. So we both always share our wardrobes now! and people literally go crazy looking at how graciously I carry my sarees. Wearing sarees has changed my complete perspective on “cheap – best” clothing. Thats where I began understanding how fast fashion is bad for both your bank and the earth. Now, I really don’t have to panic about what I am gonna wear for that function or an event. I know I have an ocean full of sarees to choose from and I keep playing around with my hair style and existing jewellery!

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