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Why should I ACCEPT and FORGIVE others?

Time doesn’t heal anything. Acceptance does.

Sometimes you just have to understand, accept, and move on from things/people that are not healthy. It’s really not easy but, it’s worth the effort. And meanwhile, you must also forgive yourself instead of complaining about your choices. The moment you understand the importance of acceptance and forgiveness, you’ve evolved into a better person.It could be a bad relationship, friendship, or something to do with your own family, just understand that nobody is ineffable. Every human is flawed. Every human. It’s not your fault that you feel betrayed, it’s just how the world works. Just accept the situation, and move on to better things. I swear you will start seeing things from a completely new perspective when you begin to accept, forgive and move on.

Just being aware of what is good and what is bad, can help you a lot in the process. Accepting and forgiving doesn’t mean that you have have to continue to have the same bond all over again. You can accept and forgive others without even uttering a word to them. Its completely dependent on you and your mental process. You can support/admire people from a distance. You don’t have to physically be there with them or actually talk to them to love them. That’s the beauty of moving on in a really peaceful manner. Forgive them for whatever damaged they caused to you, but don’t forget it. It depends upon the relationship that you have with that person. Remembering what they have done to you can save you from falling for the same mistakes again and again, but also be conscious enough to not let it make you go paranoid.

You don’t forgive others because they deserve your forgiveness, but you must forgive others because you deserve peace.

Don’t blame yourself/them/god/universe for what has happened. It happened for a reason. And whatever that reason is, you’ll know it soon. You’ll have all the answers to your questions soon. Everything happens for a reason and mostly for your benefit. This is the ultimate truth.
The universe works and puts obstacles in a way such that you’re more than prepared for what is coming your way. Trust me when I say that.

You cannot be healthy if you hold grudges against others. You cannot be healthy if you keep dancing to the tunes of your past and go on guilt trips. It’s surely gonna take time, but its worth moving on.

Understand. Accept. Forgive. Move on.

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